Skilled manpower all over Finland and Europe

Through Rument Ltd, you can easily get skilled workers for any kind of job – without the hassle of recruitment and red tape. We have professionals on our books from both Finland and elsewhere in Europe, mostly from Bulgaria and Poland. You can get the workers who suit your tasks best from us, in under a week, for example. We also sort out the required official documentation.

Do you need help at the worksite?

We supply manpower, principally for positions in the industrial and construction fields, and for many different types of job. Our pool of labour includes e.g. welders, sheet metal workers, carpenters and industrial insulators. Find out more about the professionals in the different fields here.

Contact us

Contact us and tell us for what kinds of tasks your company needs skilled workers. We’ll find the workers that fit the job together. You can reach us best by phone, e-mail or form.